saint paul

Gallery: Redbull Crashed Ice.

Redbull Crashed Ice returned to downtown Saint Paul for a second year. The race is a total spectacle, with four racers on hockey skates careening down an ice track full of twists and jumps. Friday night saw teams of three racers competing to see which team could get two racers across the line first, while Saturday was head to head elimination, with the top two of four racers advancing to the next round. I was out to cover a Minnesota native, Brian Sheck, who was sponsored by Minneapolis business Barry and Sewall. The crowds that came out both made it a massive party atmosphere, but also made it a bit difficult to move between the photo positions along the track. The track snakes down from near the St Paul cathedral, past apartments on Old Kellogg Blvd, creating a lot of great photo opportunities, but also making it difficult to really capture the whole scale of the track and all the spectators. Lots of layers, a big down jacket, and a new set of boots made it possible to spend 8 hours out at the course on Friday, with temperatures in the single digits plus a strong wind. The whole race is such a show, it is just a blast to watch and capture.