New Print Portfolio and Motion Reel

I am excited to announce a new printed portfolio and motion reel. There was a lot of work on this behind the scenes over the last several weeks, focusing on making selects, sequencing and printing two portfolios - one "Active Lifestyle" and one "Portrait + Music" portfolio.  Working with Shapco Printing, I'm really happy with the set of beautiful 11x14" prints on a heavy matte paper in a simple portfolio box. The tactile quality of the matte prints is wonderful, and you have to see and hold to really experience. 

Additionally I also worked with video editor Joseph McMohan to create a new reel of my motion work. A reel can be hard to approach objectively, and it was great to partner with Joseph to have a fresh perspective, pulling from across nearly 20 recent projects, and incorporating the footage into one video under 2 minutes in length. It was a nice collaboration, and I'm especially excited to share it: