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Out and Equal: Diversity at PepsiCo

In November I was contacted by a NYC based production company, about a project here in the Twin Cities. The project was part of a series of videos for PepsiCo around their annual Sustainability report, highlighting various aspects of the report. 

We asked Nate to do a particularly challenging job - to help us tell personal and heartfelt stories from corporate employees at a 3-day conference hosted at a large and bland-looking convention center. Nate’s sensitivity through the lens to the interviewees and their stories imbued our video with a level of authenticity and honest, spontaneous testimony that is rare in corporate videos. His hand-held camera work featured little movements and zooms that were impeccably timed, and although subtle, created a greater connection between subject and viewer. He also employed creative problem-solving to stage the interviews in areas throughout the convention center that made the setting appear visually rich, while balancing the audio needs against a challenging, noisy backdrop. We couldn’t be more enthusiastic about the job that Nate and his team did! - Eli Cane (Normal Life Pictures. NY, NY)

The national Out and Equal convention in the Twin Cities provided the backdrop to visually tell the story of workforce sustainability, focusing on the inclusion of LGBT employees at PepsiCo. With almost 80 employees at the convention, it was great to have PepsiCo employees from all over the world in one place to film this project.  

As director of photography, I worked closely with producer Sarah Amos of Freshwire to interview several employees each day about their experiences at PepsiCo, both as allies and LGBT employees. Hearing these personal stories made it easy to convey the message with passion. Its unfortunate that the finished piece could not include even half of the stories we recorded, but the selected storied have a strong impact in the final short piece.

On location we had just a small crew: Sarah producing and conducting the interviews, myself as director of photography, and Patrick Schaefer as our location audio engineer for the first two days, with Nick Leisenheimer for the final day recording interviews. After the shoot, Normal Life Pictures worked with Freshwire to edit the film.

It was a great project that I was proud to be work on.