Colorado: Horseback trail ride

Its finally time for the last post from my trip to Colorado. On our last day in the mountains, we decide to shift pace a little bit and go for a horseback ride. Early in the week on our way to one of the hot springs, Jackie spotted a ranch offering trail rides. With no fresh snow in the forecast for our final day, we called the day before and signed up for a two hour trail ride. I hadn't been on a horse since I was probably in 3rd grade, but decided to go just for the experience. It was a blast, the three of us had a private guided tour from the ranch on the flat valley floor, down across a creek and up onto the lower hillsides of the nearby mountain. For me its easy to sometime forget Colorado is part of the old west, but much of the area around Salida in the Arkansas River Valley is still ranch land. Having watched True Grit not long ago, I couldn't help but have my mind wander to the time when everyone had to rely on horses to travel through the area. While it was a bright sunny day for our ride, it was cold and windy, and I could only imagine how hard it would have been to spend hours slowly crossing the vast landscape of the area.


Gallery: Colorado XC Skiing

My trip to Colorado last month was primarily to go downhill skiing, but we took a day off to try something different. We were staying with my friend Teddy's Uncle Rob who lives in Salida for a month each winter. Everyday he is out in the mountains downhill skiing, cross country skiing, show-shoeing, mountain biking or hiking.  Rob encouraged us to Rent cross-country skis and join him for a morning ski trip. In the mountains about an hour away, we parked at the end of a small gravel road at St Elmo, an old mining ghost town. From there we followed a snowmobile trail before turning off onto a small hiking trail. It was lucky there had been some traffic on the trail through the winter, leaving only 10 inches of soft fresh snow on top of a well packed trail. If you left the trail you would immediately sink waist deep into the soft snow, even with the floatation of the skis. The adventure was lot of fun and very different from the xc skiing I've done around golf courses in Minnesota. 


Snapshot: Monarch, CO

Last week was a whole lot of fun, taking a brief break from The Current's studios, for a week of skiing, hotsprings, and photography in Colorado. Our first day up on the mountain followed a huge 18" dump of snow, and another 10" inches of snow. As the last dusting of snow fell in the morning, the clouds cleared and it turned into a beautiful bluebird sky day. I have a lot of photos from throughout the week that I will be posting as I get my blog transfered over here to my new website.

Monarch, CO

Monarch, CO