dave king

Happy Apple at Icehouse

Credit to Icehouse restaurant for again booking some of the shows that have gotten me most excited recently – the Frankie Lee show two weeks ago, and Happy Apple this past weekend. Happy Apple is a local Twin Cities jazz group with David King on drums, Michael Lewis on saxophone, and Erik Fratzke on bass. Its incredible that they have been playing together since 1996, starting in high school, and have become one of the most respected jazz groups in the area. Outside of Happy Apple, the guys have gotten well known for their work with other bands – Dave King with The Bad Plus and Halloween, Alaska – Mike Lewis with Andrew Bird and Bon Iver. Together their style draws both wide audience, particularly full of notable Twin Cities musicians. The show was great as always, with a engaged audience attentively riding along through the rockingly loud and delicately quiet parts of the music. I am still relatively new to listening to jazz, but it was fascinating to watch the band expertly dive into total improvisation and explore widely before resolving things in perfect unison.