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JS Ondara - filmed live at the Minneapolis Institute of Art

This was a perfect project - J.S. Ondara contacted me with with a great initial idea, then let me run with everything creatively from there. He wanted to record and film a solo performance of a new song inside a gallery of the Minneapolis Institute of Art.

The idea for the video came from Jay playing a Third Thursday event at the Minneapolis Institute of Art (MIA), and was inspired by the long constantly moving camera work in my video of Lucius in the Minnesota State Capitol rotunda for The Current (link). With the suggestion of the location and a general idea of a series of long moving shots, I set to work to plan the production on a quick timeline just after the New Year. 

A huge thanks to Kim Huskinson at MIA for her interest in this project, and approving us to film in one of the most iconic rooms of the museum.

The project was fairly complex, with a constantly moving camera, limited budget, and the added detail that the museum would be open while we were filming. We needed a small, skilled crew to keep the shoot footprint to a minimum. 

Chris Savage joined the project to operate the camera and brought in Keith Moechnig to AC, pulling focus remotely while we were filming. I also collaborated with audio engineer, Nick Leisenheimer, to select a mic that would compliment and add to the visual of the project. We didn't need to hide the microphone, as I wanted to highlight that this was a live audio recording in the space. Nick’s audio mix of the ribbon mic in close, with a stereo mic in the room really captured the lovely long natural reverb of the gallery space. 

It only took two takes to capture a performance that Jay was happy with musically, then we did a few more takes, closeup and extremely wide angle to combine in the edit. The space and his performance were so beautiful in their simplicity, I didn't want to add anything else to the edit. 

Director: Nate Ryan
Camera: Chris Savage
AC: Keith Moechnig
Sound: Nick Leisenheimer

Thanks to: Kim Huskinson and Anthonia Eboreime at MIA.
Thanks to: Cinemechanics and Tasty Lighting

The video premiered on Brooklyn Vegan.
Read more about how JS Ondara fell in love with the MIA and wanted to film in the space on MIA's website.
Thanks to the Star Tribune for sharing the video too.

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Behind the Scenes – Cactus Blossoms Stoplight Kisses

Behind the Scenes – Cactus Blossoms Stoplight Kisses

The Cactus Blossoms just released another new music video. This video was filmed by the excellent cinematographer Bo Hakala, but I was invited to work as an onset photographer, to capture the shoot behind the scenes and help tell the story of the production. I've admired Bo's work for a while, and it was a great opportunity to work along side him on this project. On set photography is about capturing little moments on set, and pulling back the curtain to gain a sense of everything involved to a create the final product. At the end of the day I was also able to grab Jack and Page for another quick portrait as well, capturing a little different look than most of their existing promo photos. 

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