Jack's House Bowling - A Nikon D800 video project

Jack's house bowling alley. Brainerd, MN.

Recently I received my order for the newest Nikon camera, the D800. As a member of Nikon Pro Services I was lucky to be able to receive the camera the day after Nikon first started shipping the cameras.

Just before picking up the camera from West Photo in Minneapolis, I got a call from a publisher in Chicago looking for someone to make a portrait at a bowling ally in Brainerd the following day. I knew the portrait would go fine, but not likely be a portfolio piece; however, I crossed my fingers that I might have a chance to test the improved video capabilities of the new camera, shooting some video behind the scenes of the bowling ally.

The quick shoot went well, and with WIFI in the bar/restaurant at the bowling ally, I was able to transmit right away. Through the day, I had a chance to chat and get to know the manager of the lanes. As the photos were uploading to the publisher, I asked to get a quick tour behind the scenes to see the pin setting machines and permission to shoot a little test video. The machines are wonderfully mechanical and precise, performing more tasks then you realize when you just go bowl for fun. After shooting for only 10-20 minutes, I had the pieces to create this short film.

I kept the shooting incredible simple, shooting entirely hand held with my 24-70mm lens, or my 70-200mm on a tripod. The D800 definitely performs better with fast motion and camera shake, providing much more usable handheld footage. I was also incredibly impressed with the color and tone of the footage directly out of the camera. I decided not to color correct the video above to be able to highlight the even more filmic video files out of the camera. I’ve only become more impressed with the camera as I continue to shoot more projects.