Pain Cave Training Time

This is dedicated to the cyclists for whom there is no off season, to the riders who don't have a fresh New Year's resolution, but a continued commitment to riding.

It is still a harsh reality for those of us living in northern climates that through winter it is impossible to ride outside with the same intensity of summer, and instead we must ride indoors.  This is not why we ride, it's not a mountain road with a scenic view, but a necessity of winter so that we can still be ready for the roads come spring.

For the past few years, Now Bikes in Saint Paul, MN has offered classes through the winter, letting riders bring in their own bikes and ride. Even with new technology it takes commitment to put in hours of riding indoors through the winter, but it's knowing that it will pay dividends when the season starts anew that keeps the legs spinning. These images are dedicated to that drive.

Sam Morgen, Now Bikes and Fitness