Wishing Well – a music video for Barbara Jean

I'm excited to share this collaboration with Barbara Jean, a Minneapolis musician, that started back in August. Following the music video I created for Chastity Brown, Chastity passed my name along to Barbara Jean to create a music video to coincide with the release of her new album. 

We released the video one week before Barbara Jean's new album hit shelves. This album is her 2nd since moving back the to the Twin Cities after living along the north shore of Lake Superior for almost 10 years. As a banjo and fiddle player, Barbara Jean has collaborated with a huge number of Minnesota musicians, and for this most recent album she called upon those friends to put together an all-star band. On Wishing Well, both Mason Jennings and Chastity Brown make appearances as backing vocalists.

The songs are packed full of vivid visual imagery and metaphors, and it was a challenge to not get in the way of the song, but to compliment Barbara Jean's voice. Wishing Well's chorus has some great language about love being like a freight train, which was one of the images I couldn't shake from my head with this song. I worked with North Star Aerials to capture the images I pictured: sweeping landscapes of the bluff country around Lake Pepin, and the freight trains that run along the riverbanks. 

I hope this video will help her get even more recognition for her great music. 

Thanks to Ashlee Ellert on hair + makeup for the studio filming.