A Different Portrait


With my work at The Current I am happy when projects come up that push my comfort zone and lead to something a little different. Last week I worked with Elliot Kozel to create some portraits to accompany an article about his new band/performance persona: Tickle Torture. The music has the familiar production of modern commercial pop music, but Elliot really twists it and takes it to an extreme. His stage persona includes a bejeweled mask, minimal clothing, and lots of confetti. It was fun to work to find ways to really capture this extreme persona. Find out a lot more about Elliot, and Tickle Torture's music in Andrea Swensson's article on The Current: http://blog.thecurrent.org/2013/04/tickle-torture-talks-public-nudity-confetti-cannons-and-being-compared-to-the-purple-one/