North Shore Winter Vacation

With the fresh snow falling here in the Twin Cities over the last several days, it seems that spring is on hold for a little longer. So it seems appropriate that I post some snowy images from last month. In mid-March, Meghan and I decide to take a last minute trip up to Grand Marais on the North Shore of Lake Superior. The forecast was for rain in St Paul, and we were still eager to enjoy the snow at that point of the winter. The timing with the weather was perfect, dry roads for the drive up after work on Friday. By Saturday morning the storm that was bringing rain to the Cities was delivering snow to the North Shore. We had a great time cross-country skiing around Pincushion Mountain in the falling snow in the morning, and spent the afternoon in Grand Marais, enjoying the small town, exploring the lake shore, watching the waves crashing into the rocks, and finishing with a great dinner at the Crooked Spoon. All through the day Saturday and into Sunday the snow continued to fall, totaling almost 8-10 inches of perfect powder. Sunday we took our time heading home, stopping at Cascade River and Temperance River State Parks to snow shoe along the trails that follow each river up the hillside,. It was beautiful hiking, making the first tracks through the fresh snow. Little wind meant all of the trees were perfectly draped in the snow – a perfect weekend weekend getaway. Now if spring would only hurry up, and we could think about a weekend biking getaway.