Gallery: Snowy Colorado Hike

Flying in from several different airports across the country, I met my buddy Teddy Wolff, his girlfriend Jackie, and his family at the Denver airport at the end of February to head into the mountains for a week of skiing and relaxing. We did not arrive into Salida, where we were staying, until late on Friday night. Teddy, Jackie and I decided to not rush to the ski slope Saturday morning, but instead get acclimatized a little, and head on an adventure. Driving about an hour, we passed through the little village of Villa Grove, stopping at the only business in town on the rumor of a good BLT.  We where not disappointed, finding an excellent BLT on fresh sourdough complete with a few slices of avocado. Following lunch, it was time to get into the woods, finding a trail near Valley View Hot Springs (our ultimate destination for the day). Luckily the snow was not so deep we needed snowshoes, but it still was plenty deep to make our two hour hike a real workout, especially for our first day at in the mountains at elevation. Returning to the car we were ready to hit the hot springs. I'll have images from our three trips to different hot springs coming up as the next post from the trip.