Gallery: February Ice Fishing Weekend

A few weeks ago I posted the photos of the abstract ice pressure ridges from an ice fishing trip to Lake Mille Lacs, now finally I'm getting to publishing the other two sets of images. My uncle Steve Olson and a high school friend have had an icehouse on Lake Mille Lacs for 30-40 years. Steve kindly invited me to join him for a short ice-fishing trip one christmas holiday when I was about 13, and extended the invitation again this February specifically to help my girlfriend Meghan become even more of a "real Minnesotan." 

So Saturday afternoon we loaded up the car and met my uncle Steve, my cousin Kyle and his friend at the Fisherman's Wharf where we piled in to one car to drive out onto the ice. Fisherman's Wharf help manage Steve's ice house, towing it on and off the lake each winter, and plowing a wide road on the ice to make it easy to drive out to the ice houses. While only about 500 yards from shore, the icehouse was about a mile away from the entrance to the ice. Between two bunkbeds and a small sofa the icehouse comfortably slept all five of us. By Sunday morning the weather had really changed and the snow was coming down. It was amazing just how vast and open the lake felt with low clouds and blowing snow. Even the other ice houses that were close by felt far, far away.

Our fishing luck wasn't so great, only a few small fish, none large enough to bother cleaning and cooking, but he weekend was a great getaway. I really enjoy every time I'm camping or traveling and get away from electricity, internet, tv, etc.. While I wouldn't want to live rustically all the time, I love the escape.